As the year comes to an end, and another new year comes forward. Some are happy, some are glad as the year comes to an end. But, I would like to be grateful for all the things that has happened in this year. Looking back at all the memories and new friends I make throughout this year, God has been great and good to me. I am grateful once again as I look back on what I've achieved and seen throughout the past 11 months. I never imagined myself being where I am without the support of my family and friends. But most importantly, God who is my creator and my Abba Father and helped me throughout the entire year. I hope the photos above would fill in the picture of all the things that came to past and the memories that captures the joy, love and goodness! I once again thank God for His faithfulness and goodness upon my life.

Below are some photos/memories that I've taken/cherish over 2018!